The Best Dog Friendly Road Trips Australia

Do you and your dog love fun and adventure? Are you keen to take your dog on a road trip but are unsure where to go? Then let us show you the best dog friendly road trips Australia has to offer!

As full time travellers with a dog, we have enjoyed a lot of Australia’s most beautiful and scenic routes together. Our travels with our dog Chika have taken us to every state and territory, from the coast to remote locations and some of Australia’s most dog friendly islands.

We have created unforgettable memories, discovering many dog friendly road trips around Australia. In this blog post we share some of the best destinations to take your dog for an adventure of a lifetime!

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Nhulunbuy Dog Friendly

Preparing to Road Trip with a Dog

Is it OK to Take a Dog on a Road Trip?

It is okay to take a dog on a road trip. As full time travellers for several years, we are here to tell you it is okay and possible, with many already doing it.

It is crucial to consider your dog’s temperament, health and what your dog will need. Also, to plan where to camp and what dog friendly activities to do along the way. Our road trip itineraries will help you and provide information on how to do things that are not dog friendly if you wish.

With proper planning and preparation, a road trip with your dog can be fun for both of you.

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How Long Can a Dog Go on a Road Trip?

With the appropriate planning and preparation, a dog can go on a road trip for as long as their health allows. Chika has been travelling indefinitely for most of her life. Although she is now 11 years old, she has shown no signs of wanting to stop.

How Do I Travel with My Dog on a Road Trip?

Taking your dog on a road trip needs a bit of preparation. We recommend:

How Often Should You Stop for Your Dog on a Road Trip?

Generally, dogs need to take frequent breaks every 2-3 hours while driving to allow your dog to briefly exercise, go to the toilet and have a drink. For your dog, have days of sightseeing and rest at your campsite to give your dog time out of the car.

Road trip with a dog

The Best Dog Friendly Road Trips Australia

Dog Friendly Queensland Road Trips

Queensland, with its stunning coastal and outback landscapes, beautiful beaches, islands and tropical rainforests, provides superb destinations for dog friendly road trips. Planning a road trip in Queensland with a dog check out 30 Dog Friendly Queensland Things to Do, Activities and Attractions.

Many travellers include Queensland as a road trip from Melbourne to Cairns with their dog. The dog friendly Double Island near Cairns is a terrific location for kayaking with your dog.

An epic road trip to the Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland with your dog, will take you through some of Australia’s most remote and wild landscapes. Alternatively, head for the remote township of Mount Isa in the Gulf Country or to central Queensland’s dog friendly Gemfields.

Dog Friendly New South Wales Road Trips

New South Wales surprisingly has some of Australia’s best dog friendly and beautiful locations for road tripping. Considering a road trip in NSW, look at Dog Friendly NSW Attractions and Tours.

The Blue Mountains is where our home is. Remarkably, dog friendly Blue Mountains Walks and Camping allows dog owners to enjoy the beautiful mountain landscape. As locals, we know many of the best, less known spots.

A dog friendly Waterfall Way road trip, starting or ending at the dog friendly Coffs Harbour, includes gorgeous beaches, boardwalks, waterfalls and walks. It is a fantastic area to holiday with your dog.

Dog Friendly Tasmania Road Trips

Tasmania, with its many national parks and reserves is incredibly dog friendly. First, let us help you get your dog to Tasmania with our Guide to Taking Dogs on the Spirit of Tasmania.

Easily to navigate on a dog friendly road trip, one plan could be to travel the state checking out many of the dog friendly waterfalls in Tasmania. In the far south, spend time on the Tasman Peninsula with your dog or in the northwest at the dog friendly town of Stanley and on the Tarkine Drive that ventures through wild forests to the wild, untamed west coast.

Dog friendly Uluru

Dog Friendly Northern Territory Road Trips

Embark on the ultimate dog-friendly adventures in Australia’s Northern Territory to witness breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture. Be astounded and beheld by the vastness and wonder of the awe-inspiring Uluru and Red Centre dog friendly road trip.

Alternatively, head to the remote, untamed, beautiful and surprisingly very dog friendly Nhulunbuy on the Northeast Arnhem Land for an unforgettable road trip with your dog. One of Australia’s most remote communities, it is a place of untouched beaches, amazing wildlife, red dirt, culture and much more.

Dog Friendly South Australia Road Trips

South Australia’s landscapes are diverse. It is the perfect state for epic road trip adventures with your dog.

Drive one of Australia’s most iconic road trips across the Nullarbor with your dog. Visit the rugged and magnificent dog friendly Flinders Ranges or take you and your dog to the dog friendly Kangaroo Island.

Dog Friendly Western Australia Road Trips


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