20 Remarkable Dog Friendly Waterfalls Tasmania

Dog friendly waterfalls Tasmania are a fantastic way to enjoy the wild and natural beauty of Tasmania with your dog. 

Throughout our time in Tasmania, we explored many waterfalls you can take your dog to. From giant tumbling cascades to stunning tranquil falls, we believe you and your dog will love the dog friendly waterfalls as much as we did. 

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Dog Friendly Waterfalls Tasmania

North West Region

Guide Falls

245 West Ridgley Rd, Ridgley Tasmania

The serenity and beauty of the Guide Falls are not to miss while visiting Burnie. The tiered waterfall is best seen with your dog by parking at the top car park, taking in the views and then follow the track down to the base of the falls. The falls flow into a stunning waterhole popular for swimming in the warmer months. There is also a 15 minute walk along the creek to meander, picnic tables, BBQs and toilets, so make a day of it.

Walking Distance: 0.6 kilometre
Duration: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Dip Falls and Big Tree

Dip Falls Rd, Mawbanna Tasmania

Dip Falls, a two tiered waterfall formed from basalt columns, can be a roaring torrent of water or a meer trickle, depending on the recent rainfall. To witness the falls at maximum flow and hear the thundering roar of the water is thrilling!

The viewing platform at the top of the falls is wheelchair accessible. Alternatively, walk the over 200 steps down to the bottom of the falls for a different perspective and breathtaking scenery. Dip Falls is fantastic for photography, so take your camera.

Also, about one kilometre down the road from the falls is The Big Tree. Walk or drive but do not miss seeing the magnificent massive tree that is awe-inspiring and will not disappoint.

Walking Distance: 1 kilometre
Duration: 30 – 60 minutes
Difficulty: Easy or moderate (if you walk the steps)

Castra Circuit

Gaunts Road, Ulverstone Tasmania

Castra Circuit is a loop track with four waterfalls – Castra Falls, Secret Place Cascades, Silver Falls and Step Falls. Be mindful when walking through the diverse and beautiful landscape that the track starts easy and becomes more challenging, with one fall having a rope assist.

Each of the falls are off on side tracks; look for signs, markers or ribbons tied to trees indicating where to walk.

Walking Distance: 4 kilometres
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

Launceston Region

Lobster Falls

Lobster Falls Track
Mole Creek Road (B12), Chudleigh Tasmania

Lobster Falls is a challenging dog friendly walk. It starts easy and steadily gets difficult. While this is an incredibly scenic walk with a stunning waterfall and swimming hole, it also has cliff edges and many trip hazards.

Walking Distance: 6 kilometres
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate to hard

East Coast

Halls Falls

Blue Tier Regional Reserve
Anchor Rd, Pyengana

Walk amongst giant tree ferns with your puppy through picturesque natural scenery to the beautiful Halls Falls. Take the time to walk the rock pools and weir, each only a short distance up the trail. The trail is muddy after rain, so wear appropriate walking shoes.

Walking Distance: 2.5 kilometres
Duration: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Evercreech Falls

Evercreech Forest Reserve
Egans Road, Mathinna Tasmania

Small and serene Evercreech Falls will enchant you. Surrounded by tall forest trees, tree ferns and moss, lichen and fungi cover logs feels as though you have stepped into a place where faeries may live.

The trail to Evercreech Falls, while short in distance, requires some fitness and there are stepping stones across a creek.

Walking Distance: 2 kilometres (loop)
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Moderate

Mount Paris Dam

Mount Paris Dam Road, Derby Tasmania

Mount Paris Dam is one of Tasmania’s best dog friendly, hidden gems. The dam wall, built in the 1930s, is an impressive towering structure slowly reclaimed by nature. In 1985 holes were made in the wall allowing the Cascade River to flow again and the natural environment to begin repairing itself.

The walk to Mount Paris Dam is only 100 metres but there is much to explore along the dam wall and Cascade River. The Cascade River has a series of small tranquil falls spilling over rock ledges; the gentle sounds are incredibly calming.

Walking Distance: 100 metres
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Ralphs Falls

Ralphs Falls Track, Mount Victoria Forest Reserve
Cashs Gorge Circuit, Ringarooma Tasmania

Ralphs Falls, at 90 metres high, is Tasmania’s highest single drop waterfall. The track to falls lookout is level and easy and if you want to extend the walk for your dog, making it a loop, include Cash’s Lookout.

Walking Distance: 30 minutes or 1 hours via Cash’s Lookout
Duration: 2.5 kilometres or 4 kilometres via Cash’s Lookout
Difficulty: Easy

Meetus Falls

Meetus Falls Track, Meetus Falls Forest Reserve
McKay’s Road, Royal George Tasmania

Secluded, Meetus Falls lies along the Cygnet River near Lake Leake. The approximately 40 metre high fall runs all year, and the path to the falls lookout is short but steep. There is also the option to do a short walk to Cygnet River Lookout.

The road to falls is gravel, rough and with potholes, most suited to 4WD vehicles, although some drive it in a 2WD.

Walking Distance: 500 metres
Duration: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate

West Coast

Montezuma Falls

1 Elliott St, Rosebery Tasmania

11 kilometre out and back track to the dog friendly Montezuma Falls may sound like a long walk to see a waterfall, but you will be delighted you did it.The flat trail follows an old miners’ tram line through beautiful forest, past mining relics including a tunnel and treks over some charming old bridges. Then if that is not enough, you will be rewarded with Tasmania’s highest falls, an incredible 104 metres and best viewed from the gravity defying suspension bridge.

(Alternatively, this track is suitable for bikes.)

Walking Distance: 11 kilometres
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Hogarth Falls

Horgarth Falls Track, Peoples Park
Esplanade, Strahan Tasmania

A small, pretty cascade, a stroll along Hogarth Falls is a lovely, easy walk to enjoy with your dog, starting from the People’s Park in Strahan. Meander together through a forest of towering trees and lush fern undergrowth as the trail follows alongside a stream perfect for a sniff walk for your dog.

At the falls, a short flight of concrete steps leads down to the pool at the base ,where you may be lucky enough to get glimpses of a platypus.

Walking Distance: 2.5 kilometres
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Waratah Falls

33 Smith St, Waratah Tasmania

Waratah Falls is the heart of the old historic village also named Waratah. The falls are the dominant feature of the landscape and is an easy walk to see as you wander about town with your dog. The walk to the base of the falls is short but steep.

Walking Distance: 250 metres
Duration: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Philosophers Falls

Butlers Rd, Waratah Tasmania

Highly recommend this beautiful walk through the temperate rainforest filled with an abundance of brightly coloured fungi and moss. The track is easy until you reach the 210 steps down to the viewing platform. The only way to see the falls is to walk the steps (down and back up) but so worth it.

Note: there is conflicting information about whether Philosophers Falls is dog friendly. We walked it with our dog Chika in 2018, based on information that it was dog friendly. There was no signage to confirm or otherwise.

Horsetail Falls

Lyell Highway, Queenstown Tasmania

Horsetail Falls on the outskirts of Queenstown are admittedly not the most impressive falls in Tasmania, but are still worth seeing when flowing. The majestic mountain landscape and valley below seen from the Horsetail Falls boardwalk make this a must stop. Stop here and walk your dog and enjoy breathtaking views.

Walking Distance: 1 kilometre
Duration: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Stitt Falls

Park Road, Rosebery Tasmania

Stitt Falls is a small, pretty waterfall in the middle of Rosebery. The walk to the falls is only 200 metres from the road and has a viewing platform. A lovely brief walk to do with your dog.

Walking Distance: 200 metres
Duration: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Hobart and Southern Region

Snug Falls

Snug Falls Track, Snug Tiers Nature Recreation Area
Snug Tiers Road, Snug Tasmania

Snug Falls is a tall waterfall set in among the stunning forest and with a peaceful pool at its base. The falls can be a magnificent torrential cascade after heavy rain or during drier periods, a trickle. Either way, it is lovely dog friendly waterfall. The walk featuring changing beautiful scenery as you gradually descend into the valley and rock formations is uneven with rocky and muddy patches. Also, because this is an in and out track, the track is a steady climb back out.

Walking Distance: 3 kilometres
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Pelverata Falls

Pelverata Falls Track, Snug Tiers Nature Reserve
Crosswells Road, Pelverata Tasmania

Plummeting an impressive 114 metres, Pelverata Falls, dog friendly, is rather spectacular when flowing. Accessible by a 4WD track (from Van Morey Road) or via a walking trail, it is at its best after rainfall, or it may not dry.

The trail to Pelverata Falls starts easy and progresses to short steep sections, with the last 500m being a rock scramble to the top. The reward is panoramic views of the outlying landscape and an amazing waterfall.

Walking Distance: 6 kilometres
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

O’Grady Falls

Betts Vale Track, Wellington Park
Pinnacle Road, Mount Wellington Tasmania

O’Grady Falls, a small tranquil waterfall, is a 20 – 30 minute stroll to do with your dog at Mount Wellington, near Hobart. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of ferns and mosses along the trail and take in views of the falls my the viewing bridge.

Walking Distance: 4 kilometres
Duration: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

New Town Falls

Lenah Valley Track, Wellington Park
Lenah Valley Road, Mount Wellington Tasmania

New Town Falls is a tiered cascade surrounded by pleasant Tasmania forest not too far from Hobart. The trail to the falls is short and steep. The uphill climb is challenging and will have your legs working hard. Be on the lookout for wildlife, echidna are sometimes seen on this trail.

Walking Distance: 4 kilometres
Duration: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

Myrtle Gully Falls

Myrtle Gully Falls Track, Wellington Park
67 Old Farm Road, Mount Wellington Tasmania

Myrtle Gully Falls is another dog friendly waterfall in Wellington Park. It is a small waterfall, walked to in as little as ten minutes a long a pretty track with a bit of slope uphill.

Walking Distance: 1 kilometre
Duration: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

A Final Note

There is a lack of clear and concise information on which waterfalls in Tasmania are dog friendly. There is conflicting information on the internet. Also, signage on many walking trails neither states if dogs are welcome or not. So please:

  • keep your dog on a lead
  • still, look out for signage; it is not always in prominent places
  • always be mindful and respectful of the environment you are in

Enjoy walking your dog and seeing as many of Tasmania’s dog friendly waterfalls as you can.


Dog Friendly Waterfalls in Tasmania

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