Travel and Work Around Australia

Work and Travel Around Australia

Being able to travel and work around Australia is a fantastic way to see this country. Get tips and ideas here on finding jobs, travelling Australia.

Our Budget Adjustment

Our Budget Adjustment

Thinking of travelling full time and setting yourself a weekly budget? We did. Nine months on the road and we made changes to our budget. See why here.

Road Trip Food on a Budget

Road Trip Food

Road trip food ideas that are tasty, budget friendly and varied are often sought by caravanners and campers. Our tips and ideas will help you to keep your travel food budget under control and may even help you to save some money. It only took us six months caravanning Australia for our expenses to show […]

Travel Savings

Save to travel

Whether you need funds for a holiday, a road trip or to start full time travel, achieving your travel savings goals quickly will mean your adventures can begin sooner.


What To Do With Your House

Making plans to travel for an extended period or indefinitely is exciting. As a home owner, before you set out on the road, a decision has to be made about what to do with your home. Broadly speaking the choices are to either sell it or rent it and the other less considered options are having someone […]


Caravan Australia

Long term or ongoing travel is neither like going on a holiday or living in a house. If both those were on a continuum with one at each end then ongoing travel is somewhere in the middle. The ‘holiday’ end of the continuum is best described as short stays, more eating out, doing regular activities […]