Welcome to OUR WAYFARING LIFE a travel Australia blog!

Are you looking for travel Australia advice on how to travel cheaper? Then you have come to the right place. Our Wayfaring Life is about budget travel in Australia written by a couple travelling full-time around Australia with their dog, living in a caravan.

The purpose of our travel blog is give tips and advice on how to travel in and to popular Australian destinations for less money. Our travel guides help you to do this by highlighting the best low-cost and free things to do, which are dog friendly as well as having information on low-cost and free camping grounds.

Our blog also has information on caravan life. Here we share our experiences living in a caravan as we travel and work around Australia.

If this is your first time here we recommend starting here.

Thanks again for dropping by. We hope you will come by often!

Happy travels
Daryl, Emma and Chika

(Chika is our dog. You can read more about us and Chika here)

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