Our Wayfaring Life

Welcome to Our Wayfaring Life! We are Emma, Daryl and a border collie, Chika traveling around Australia indefinitely in our caravan. Join us as we share our adventures, provide information, tips and ideas for caravanning Australia on a budget.

In this our first instalment in our new series Dogs Travel we discuss the importance of training your dog to respond to some useful commands so you too can have an enjoyable time travelling with your dog. 


A thorough examination and an honest discussion this past week about our weekly budget and what remains in our savings account has resulted in the decision to change how we manage our budget.

Isla Gorge National Park is located on the traditional lands of the Wulli Wulli and Jiman Aboriginal people at the southern end of Dawson Ranges, between the townships of Theodore and Tarooma, 415km northwest of Brisbane. The national park has two areas open to visitors – the Flagstaff Section and the Isla Gorge Lookout. The main features of the park is the sandstone which has eroded to form cliffs and the gorge. 

Fossicking is prospecting or rummaging through often abandoned mine areas to find precious gems, gold, fossils and the like. This week we had a go at fossicking in the Gemfields on the Queensland Central Highlands Region.

The Carnarvon National Park is located in the Queensland central highlands approximately 720km drive Northwest of Brisbane or 400km from Rockhampton. The main feature of the park is the 30km long Carnarvon Gorge with it’s impressively high colourful sandstone cliffs, diverse natural sites and the Carnarvon Creek running through it. The gorge also has a numerous sites of cultural significance to our first people including rock art and to do with women’s business, some of which are open to the public to visit via a series of walking tracks.