Two Weeks in Byron Bay and Surrounds

Byron Bay Australia’s most easterly town, famous for its beaches, rainforests and a vibrant community wasn’t originally on our ‘to do’ list but as luck would have it we recently made it our home for two weeks, our longest continuous stay in one place since we started our wayfaring life.


Dog Friendly, Blue Mountains NSW

The Blue Mountains with all its national parks is often overlooked or avoided by dog owners based on the assumption there are very limited or no places to visit and authentically enjoy what the mountains have to offer. While dogs are forbidden to enter national parks there are state reserves and council managed lands that offer great alternatives to visit with your four legged friend.

Saving to Caravan Australia

Curiosity about how we fund Our Wayfaring Life is fairly common and something we have been asked about moreso given we are in our early 40s. Our savings is currently our major source of how we are paying for our travels around Australia. Here we share how we saved and provide some real practical tips to get you saving and quicker.