Caravan Water Needs

Caravan Australia

Clean fresh water is an absolute must have. Simply put, clean water is essential, a MUST have. Without over dramatising it, clean fresh water is fundamental to human survival. Usually for most of us in places like Australia, and perhaps outside of times of droughts and water restrictions, many of us give little thought to […]

Women Towing Caravans

Female Caravanners Towing

The number of women towing caravans is increasing as more solo women travel. We are here to argue for all female caravanners to tow. #chicksthattow

Buying Our (Used) Caravan To Tour Australia

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First thing, this article does not contain expert advice on how to choose your caravan. I am definitely no expert on such matters. It is the story of how we came to purchase our first caravan Josephine a 1994 Viscount pop top caravan as part of setting up our rig, from the seemingly infinite choices […]

Road Trip Food on a Budget

Road Trip Food

Road trip food ideas that are tasty, budget friendly and varied are often sought by caravanners and campers. Our tips and ideas will help you to keep your travel food budget under control and may even help you to save some money. It only took us six months caravanning Australia for our expenses to show […]


Port Arthur Tasmania

Our Journey So Far So it is that six months living on the road traveling Australia in our caravan has passed. It’s hard to believe. But what a time we have had! Chika our six year old border collie is loving this life as much as we are. Admittedly traveling with a dog has some […]