13+ Genuine Dog Friendly Walks in the Blue Mountains

Last updated on 15 June, 2023

What is surprising and unknown to many is how many genuine dog friendly walks the in Blue Mountains there are. The Blue Mountains west of Sydney has some of the most beautiful scenery of anywhere in the world. One of the most common things to do is bushwalking. Experience nature at her absolute best with your dog, walk trails through the unique Australian sandstone and bush landscapes, to breathtaking lookouts, stunning waterfalls and lakes.

Rightly understood is the Blue Mountains has several world famous National Parks and dogs are strictly forbidden. One of the Blue Mountains’ best keep secrets is how many fantastic bushwalks dogs are allowed to do and that you will love too.

As locals and dog owners for many years, we were fortunate to spend a lot of time walking our dogs in the Blue Mountains. Based on our knowledge have put together this comprehensive guide. Walks included are of various lengths and difficulties so you are sure to find a walk or walks suitable to fit your Blue Mountains itinerary. It is important to keep your dog on a leash and carry plenty of water. Please check here for any updates on track closures or partial closures.

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Knapsack Viaduct Glenbrook
Knapsack Viaduct, Glenbrook

13+ Genuine Dog Friendly Walks in the Blue Mountains

Knapsack Reserve Walks and Lookouts, Glenbrook

Knapsack Reserve, Glenbrook at the foot of the Blue Mountains, is the historical site of the Lapstone Zig Zag Railway built-in 1867 as part of the original train line from Penrith to Wentworth Falls. The reserve boasts the historical sandstone Knapsack Viaduct (Bridge) and Lennox Bridge, the “oldest surviving stone arch bridge” on mainland Australia.

The reserve is a maze of dog friendly walking trails and a great introduction to walking and the history of the Blue Mountains. Walks are well signposted.

Marges Lookout
Grade: Easy Distance: 1.3 km each way Time: 30 mins each way
Features: Views of Penrith Lakes
Access: 26 Barnet Street, Glenbrook Parking: Carpark 

Elizabeth Lookout
Grade: Easy Distance: 1.1 km each way Time: 25 mins each way
Features: Views of Penrith
Access: 26 Barnet Street, Glenbrook Parking: Carpark

Lennox Bridge via Marges Lookout
Grade: Medium Distance: 1.8 km each way Time: 45 mins each way
Features: Views of Penrith Lakes, Historical Lennox Bridge
Access: 26 Barnet Street, Glenbrook Parking: Carpark

Knapsack Bridge via Elizabeth Lookout 
Grade: Medium Distance: 1.6 km each way Time: 40 mins each way
Features: Views of Penrith, Historical Knapsack Viaduct (Bridge)
Access: 26 Barnet Street, Glenbrook Parking: Carpark

John Whitton Memorial Place via Elizabeth Lookout and Knapsack Bridge
Grade: Medium Distance: 2.4 km each way Time: 1 hr each way
Features: Historical Knapsack Viaduct (Bridge), views of Penrith, historical gatekeepers cottage
Access: 26 Barnet Street, Glenbrook Parking: Carpark

Lapstone Zig Zag Railway & Knapsack Viaduct
Grade: Medium Distance: 2 km Time: 1 hr return
Features: Knapsack Viaduct (bridge), section of the original railway path, old train station
Access: Knapsack St, Glenbrook Parking: Carpark
Other info: Local historical walk following where historical rail track once went.

Dog friendly Bluff Point, Glenbrook NSW
Glenbrook Gorge, Bluff Point, Glenbrook

Bluff Reserve, Glenbrook

Bluff Reserve is also significant to the rail history of the Blue Mountains. The highlight of this walk is the outlook over Glenbrook Gorge and the feat of early 20th century engineering, the Glenbrook Train Tunnel. There are also some great views of the valley and the Penrith area.

The views from Bluff Reserve are stunning, the walks less so. If you are limited in your time, it is one to miss.

Darks Common, Bluff Lookout and Chalmers Lookout
Grade: Easy Distance: <2 km return Time: 1 hr return
Features: View of Glenbrook Gorge, Penrith and Nepean River and Glenbrook Creek
Access: Emu Rd, Glenbrook Parking: Carpark

Florabella Pass, Blaxland and Warrimoo

Florabella Pass is genuine dog friendly bushwalking in the Blue Mountains. Experience some rugged terrain, stunning sandstone formations and overhangs, bushland, and an abundance of birdlife.

A walk down into a gully, it is peaceful and lush. It is also suitable for most fitness levels.

A one-way track but can be a loop by walking the pathway between Blaxland and Warrimoo train stations. Alternatively, walk back along the track and enjoy it a second time.

Florabella Pass Trail
Grade: Medium Distance: 3 km each way Time: 2 hr each way
Features: Views of Glenbrook Gorge, Florabella Creek, Florabella Pass and Pippas Pass.
Access: Florabella St, Warrimoo or Ross Cres, Blaxland Parking: Residential street parking.

Dog friendly Blue Mountains Walks
Loop Track, Birdwood Gully, Springwood

Birdwood Gully Loop and Springwood Creek, Springwood

Birdwood Gully has local historical significance with Springwood Creek, after which the local town Springwood was named, flowing through it. It was also one of the early tracks developed to bring tourists to the area.

The reserve continues to be cared for by a local bush care group and is one of the best dog walks the Blue Mountains has. The gully features lush rainforest, creeks and even glow worms, best seen at night.

Birdwood Gully Loop
Grade: Medium Distance: 2.6 km Time: 1.5 hr circuit
Access: 36 Lucinda Ave, Springwood; 12 Boland Ave, Springwood; or 15 Bednal Road, Springwood
Features: Springwood Creek, Birdwood Gully Creek, rainforest, rock overhang, cave and glow worms. 
Parking: On street parking in residential area.
Other Info: Steep decent and ascent in and out of the gully. 

Springwood Creek Trail
Grade: Easy Distance: 1 km each way Time: 30 min each way
Access: 36 Lucinda Ave, Springwood or 12 Boland Ave, Springwood
Features: Springwood Creek
Parking: On street parking in residential area
Other Info: Start the Birdwood Gully Loop walk from either Lucinda Ave or Boland Ave, approx. 850m along the trail from either is the junction for the Springwood Creek trail.

Dog friendly Horseshoe Falls Hazelbrook NSW
Horseshoe Falls, Hazelbrook NSW

Burgess Falls Walking Track, Hazelbrook

Six small waterfalls or cascades are the highlight of this fairy easy walking trail. Also known as Burgess Falls Reserve, it is best visited after rainfall when the creek and waterfalls are more likely to be flowing. The bushland is dense and feels a million miles away from the houses that surround it.

Be wary of walking too soon after rain as some sections of the track can be slippery. Wear suitable footwear.

Burgess Falls Walking Track, Horseshoe Falls Reserve
Grade: Medium Distance: 2.4 km each way Time: 1 hr each way
Access: 83 Oaklands Road, Hazelbrook or Winbourne Road, Hazelbrook
Features: Horseshoe Falls (also called Lyrebird Falls), Oakland Falls, Burgess Falls, Glow-Worm Nook Falls, Lena Falls, Fairy Falls, Hazelbrook Creek, The Amphitheatre.
Parking: On street parking.

Dog Friendly Terrace Falls Hazelbrook NSW
Terrace Falls, Hazelbrook NSW

Terrace Falls Circuit, Hazelbrook

Terrace Falls Circuit is a walk through stunning scenery to multiple waterfalls and waterholes. A beautiful reserve that would rival most national parks, this is one of our favourite walks to do with your dog.

Bedford Pool is suitable for swimming in the summer months. Brace yourself before going in; the water is often chilly.

Terrace Falls Circuit
Grade: Medium Distance: 4.5 km including side tracks Time: 2 – 3 hrs
Features: Terrace and Victor Falls, Bedford and Bedford Pool, The Pyramids, Lester and Willawong Pool
Access: Lake Road off Terrace Falls Rd, Hazelbrook Parking: Roadside at the fire trail gate
Other information: Entry to the walking trail is accessible by foot only, 1 km along Terrace Falls Fire Trail

Blue Mountains Dog Friendly Walk Waterfall Circuit Lawson
Junction Falls, Waterfall Circuit, Lawson NSW

South Lawson Waterfall Circuit, Lawson

South Lawson Waterfall Circuit is our top recommended walk to do with your dog in the Blue Mountains. It is an outstanding scenic bushwalk with four lovely distinct waterfalls. Every time we do this walk, I cannot believe it is not a national park.

If you do only one walk during your visit to the Blue Mountains, take your dog on this one. You will love it. There are even spots to stop for a picnic lunch or a coffee break. Take your camera, take your time and enjoy the scenery.

South Lawson Waterfall Circuit
Grade: Medium Distance: 3 km Time: 1.5 hr circuit
Features: Adelina Falls, Federal Falls, Cataract Falls and Junction Falls
Access: 72 Honour Ave, Lawson or 95/96 Honour Ave, Lawson Parking: Carparks

Blue Mountains Dog Friendly Walk Charles Darwin Walk
Charles Darwin Walk, Wentworth Falls NSW

Charles Darwin Walk, Wentworth Falls

This walk is currently closed due to track damage.

This trail follows the footsteps of Charles Darwin, who walked the track in 1836. A walking track with boardwalks follows Jamison Creek, popular in the summer months for swimming.

It is important to note that the track is dog friendly until it reaches the border to the national park, clearly signposted.

Charles Darwin Walk
Grade: Easy Distance: 2.4 km each way Time: 1.5 hr each way
Features: Jamison Creek, Weeping Rock, waterfalls
Access: Wilson Park, Falls Rd, Wentworth Falls Parking: Parking bays along Falls Road.

Water Nymphs Dell, Wentworth Falls

Water Nymphs Dell is an oasis. When it comes to places to walk your dog in the Blue Mountains, this one is wonderful. Almost magical, the kind of place I imagine fairies would live.

The track starts behind a few houses and descends steeply into the gully. The bushland changes to lush, wet rainforest and the air gets cooler. Be taken in by the beauty surrounding you.

The Dell with a gorgeous waterfall and small waterhole is an amazingly peaceful place to be. Further along the track, there is another smaller waterfall and it ascends steeply upwards.

Be cautious on this track. It is slippery in sections and while it is not, it is steep. Make sure you wear suitable footwear and take your camera.

Water Nymphs Dell
Grade: Medium Distance: 3km (1.5km track and 1.5km on the roads) Time: 2 hours
Features: The Dell, waterfalls, rainforest and rock overhangs
Access: (see below) Parking: Street parking

Access Information: Park your car on the corner of Railway Parade and Allen Crescent. Walk to and turn onto Dell Crescent where you will see the start of the track. Walk the track. On the return the track will pass a fire trail, rejoin the track (signposted). At Glenview Road the track ends. Turn left on to Glenview Road, it becomes Taylor Road, follow it until Railway Parade, turn left and continue walking until you reach your car.

Dog Friendly Wentworth Falls Lake
Wentworth Falls Lake, Wentworth Falls NSW

Wentworth Falls Lake Walk, Wentworth Falls

Wentworth Falls Lake is an old railway dam and was created by damming Jamison Creek in 1878. The lake is now a wetland habitat for native wildlife and birdlife. It is also a popular local spot for walking, swimming and picnicking.

The Wentworth Falls Lake Walk is a well-formed track around a large section of the lake. This walk is not a traditional bushwalk, however, the walk around the lake is lovely.

Wentworth Falls Lake Walk
Grade: Easy Distance: 3.5km Time: 1.5 – 2hrs
Features: Wentworth Falls Lake, playgrounds, BBQs, picnic tables, sculptures and toilets
Access: Waratah Street, Wentworth Falls or Sinclair Crescent, Wentworth Falls Parking: Carparks and parking bays

Dog Friendly Sublime Point Leura
Three Sisters, Sublime Point, Leura

Views of the Three Sisters, Sublime Point Lookout, Leura

Sublime Point is not a bushwalk. It is, however, a lookout with panoramic views of the Jamison Valley, the famous Three Sisters and is an excellent alternative to the very touristy and not dog friendly Echo Point.

Sublime Point Lookout
Grade: Easy Distance: 175m each way Time: 20 mins return
Features: Views of the Three Sisters, Jamison Valley and Mount Solitary.
Access: Sublime Point Road, Leura Parking: Carpark

Blue Mountains Dog Friendly Walk Minnehaha Falls Katoomba
Minnehaha Falls, Katoomba NSW

Minnehaha Falls Track, Katoomba

A fantastic scenic walk with lovely waterfalls and waterholes you can swim in if you are brave enough to get into the cold water. There is a fork in the track – left to the falls and the right to a swimming hole. It is worthwhile doing both directions.

It is a steep descent to the falls and rockpool via metal stairs. All our dogs (border collies and small dogs) have not liked the stairs but managed them.

Minnehaha Falls Track
Grade: Medium Distance: 1 km each way (to the falls) Time: 1.5 hr return
Features: Minnehaha Falls, Yosemite Creek, water pools suitable for swimming
Access: Minni Ha Ha Rd, Katoomba Parking: Carpark

Dog Friendly Blue Mountains Historic Walking Tracks
Blue Mountains Historic Walking Tracks

Blue Mountains Historical Walking Tracks, Blackheath and Mount Victoria

Truly these historical trails will satisfy any keen bushwalker. Enjoy an authentic Blue Mountains experience with your dog, as good as any you would have in the National Parks. Historic landmarks, incredible views and natural features, as well as diverse and remarkable scenery, means this is our second top choice of dog friendly walks in the Blue Mountains.

The walks here are longer than all the other dogs are allowed. We suggest making the most of it by packing a picnic lunch and remembering to take plenty of drinking water and your camera.

Centennial Glen to Porter’s Pass, Blackheath
Grade: Medium Distance: 5.5 km circuit Time: 3 hrs
Features: Walls Ledge, Colliers Causeway, Fort Rock, Centennial Glen, Kanimbla Valley, Porter’s Pass, Mountain Devil and Lambert’s Lookout.
Access: Centennial Glen Road, Blackheath Parking: Carpark

Lawson Long Alley Track
Medium Distance: 11km Time: 4 hrs return
Features: Historical points of interest, views and birdlife.
Access: Mt York Rd, Mt Victoria Parking: Carpark

Berghofers Pass Return Walk
Grade: Easy Distance: 4.5 km Time: 1.5 hrs
Features: Historical stonework, viaduct, historical sandstone water trough and views.
Access: Mount York Road, Mount Victoria Parking: Carpark (opposite side of road to track start)

Lockyer’s Trackhead
Grade: Medium Distance: 9 km Time: 4 hrs return
Features: View of Hartley Vale, convict built remains, birdlife and views.
Access: Mt York Rd, Mt Victoria Parking: Carpark

Fairy Bower / Mt Piddington
Grade: Medium Distance: 3 km Time: 2 and 1.5 hr circuits
Features: Picnic area, amphitheatre, Fairy Waterfall, waterhole, views, rainforest, Mount Piddington and Marguerite Cave.
Access: Tollhouse, Great Western Highway, Mt Victoria Parking: Carpark

Little Zig Zag /Reinitz Pass
Grade: Medium Distance: 2 hr circuit Time: 3 hr circuit
Features: Bushrangers Cave, Kanimbla Valley, Little Zig Zag, Pulpit Rock Lookout, Ross Cave, Wilson’s Glen, Redrock Lookout and Reinits Pass.
Access: 89 Kanimbla Valley Rd, Mt Victoria Parking: On street residential parking

Berghofers Pass return via Great Western Highway, Hartley Vale Road and Lawsons Long Alley
Grade: Hard Distance: 17 km Time: 8 hr
Features: Historical stonework, viaduct, historical sandstone water trough, views, Kerosene Creek and Hartley Vale historical buildings.
Access: Mount York Road, Mount Victoria Parking: Carpark (opposite side of road to track start)

Dog friendly lookouts Blue Mountains
Hassan Wall, Lithgow

Hassans Walls Lookout, Lithgow

Hassans Walls Lookout is the highest in the Blue Mountains at 1130m above sea level. The views are spectacular over the mountains and valleys below.

It was named, Hassans Walls by Governor Macquarie after the escarpment reminded him of hill forts in India.

Hassans Walls Broadwalk and Lookout
Grade: Easy Distance: 400m walk Time: 10 mins return walk
Features: Views of Mount Wilson, Mount York, Mount Tarana, Mount Blaxland, Hartley Valley, Kanimbla Valley and Megalong Valley.
Access: Hassans Walls Road, Lithgow Parking: Carpark

Blue Mountain Off Leash Parks, Varied Locations

These off leash parks are provided and maintain by local council. List of the fourteen off leash parks and the facilities provided can be found here.

Interactive Map

Click on the link to see our Dog Friendly Blue Mountains Walks and Camping Map. The map is interactive and can be downloaded.

We hope you have found this article useful. Most of all, we hope you and your dog enjoy exploring the Blue Mountains together.


dog friendly Blue Mountains bush walks

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  1. Now we don’t have a dog (but 2 cats) but we love hiking and walking in the woods and would love to visit Australia someday. So if we ever go to NSW, we might consider going for a walk, and probably to Sublime Point as the panoramic views look amazing and the Three Sisters too!

  2. I love the waterfalls and my dog would enjoy them too, but sadly he’s getting a bit too old now for long walks. The Blue Mountains are a stunning part of Australia and am keen to visit and do some of these walks in the near future. Junction Falls and Terrace Falls are so beautiful. Fabulous photos too.

    • The Blue Mountains are stunning. There are a few very short easy walks such as the Sublime Point Lookout or bit longer to the lookouts at Knapsack Reserve which your dog may still be able to do :).

  3. These are some really amazing walks. Any dog would love this. You have curated a list of some great walks in the lap of nature. Each one of them looks so inviting. But what appealed to me immediately were Bluff Reserve, Glenbrook, and State Mine Heritage Park.

  4. This is such a fabulous list for us dog owners who like to go on adventures with our pups. I have an English Springer Spaniel and I’m certain she would enjoy Horseshoe Falls Reserve. She loves water and has never seen a waterfall, so I bet that would be fun for her to experience. I’ll definitely wear some nonslip shoes for this hike.

    • A dog that loves water would enjoy horseshoe falls and many of the walks with waterfalls and waterholes. Hope you get a chance to find out soon!

  5. Wow, I actually had no idea the Blue Mountains had any dog-friendly walks! I just remember seeing TONNS of ‘no dogs allowed signs’… guess we were looking in the popular corners of the NP!

    • Yeah NP are definitely no go for dogs. Even as locals we were surprised to find out how many places there are that you can take your dogs.

  6. Oh wow, I had no idea there were dog-friendly walks in the blue mountains! I assumed they were similar to other national parks that don’t allow dogs. Nice to see locals around Blackheath still have beautiful options for walking their pooches though!

  7. Thanks for this list! So great! I honestly thought all the walks were national park and so did my friends so it was a lovely treat to take my pup for her first hike (we went to Terrace Falls) after reading this blog. Now planning our next trip and hopefully some camping too!

    • Hi Flo,

      Wow, thank you. So happy to hear you enjoyed Terrace Falls and planning another trip to the mountains with your dog.

  8. Awesome!… just shared on my Facebook Page Short Walks Around Penrith And The Blue Mountains where I quite often get asked about dog-friendly walks 🙂

  9. Can’t wait to try each of these with my 2 dogs , Thanks heaps for creating this page 😊

  10. Thanks you so much for this list.
    Like others, I’m amazed at the number of walks available with dogs in the Blue Mountains – I was assuming all national park.
    Looking forward to trying a few of these out on my next visit next month – the first with my dog.
    Next up I’m reading your Tasmanian tips. Been there often, but again wouldn’t have considered it a place to bring the dog. 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic resource!

    My wife and love walking our Healer / Collie cross – and it’s fantastic to have some places in the Blue Mountains that we can take her.

    I’m a keen photographer, and the walk around Pyramid Falls, Little Terrace Falls and Terrace Falls (with the pools along the way) was absolutely stunning – and a paradise for a photographer!

    Keen to check out your other recommendations now!

    Thanks again for curating a fantastic list! All the best for ‘21

  12. Love love love your attention to details. It is amazing and I and I’m sure many others really appreciate the effort that you took creating this. So thank you 😊 I now want to do every way on your site. 👏🏻

  13. This site is so thoroughly put together and user friendly! Thank you so much as I’m always travelling alone with my dog and in search of hikes and camping that we can do together. Heading past the blue mountains soon – looks like I’ll be there for weeks to get through your list haha

    • Thank you! Enjoy your time in the Blue Mountains and the walking with your dog. It is not a bad place to spend a couple of weeks :).

  14. My dog and I are back bush walking the Blue for the second time in a couple of months. It’s an incredibly beautiful landscape. I have referenced this website more times than I can count! And We have walked almost all of the list. A huge thank you for creating this resource so our pups can enjoy nature too.
    My Instagram is “Tea and Calli” where you can find lots of cute pics of Cal snoozing along the way.

  15. The lost city Newnes is NOT DOG FRIENDLY, we are face an $1100 fine because of this misinformation. National parks have contacted us and asked us to explain why we were there with dogs.


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