Where Should My Dog Sleep When Camping in a Caravan? 10 Great Ideas

Last updated on 18 June, 2023

In this post, we share wonderfully creative and practical ideas for dogs’ camping beds and sleeping areas campers and travellers have come up with for their dogs. Hopefully, one of the ideas will be suitable for your camping setup and your dog or help inspire your answer to where should my dog sleep when camping in a caravan.

Regardless, if you are camping in a caravan, a camper van, a camper trailer or a tent, a comfortable suitable dog camping bed for your dog is a must. Deciding where in your camp set up and on what your dog will sleep is something to think about when planning a camping trip with your dog or a trip around Australia with your dog.

Your dog should sleep when camping, somewhere out of the weather, well ventilated, secure, out of reach of predators or dangers, warm in winter and cool in summer. Also, on a bed that your dog feels comfortable using.

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Where Should My Dog Sleep When Camping in a Caravan?

Dogs can sleep inside or outside when camping. Dogs camping need a bed that is:

  • Well ventilated
  • Warm when the weather is cold
  • Cool when the weather is hot
  • Secure and will protect them from predators like crocodiles, snakes and wild dogs
  • Clean and comfortable

Where Do Dogs Sleep in Caravans?

1. On a Dog Bed on the Floor

A cushion dog bed on the caravan floor is a good place for a dog to sleep inside your caravan. The struggle is, however, to find them a spot on the floor where they are not in the way.

2. On a Caravan Bed or Bunk Bed

It is common for dog owners, especially those with multiple or large dogs, to buy caravans with an extra bed or bunk beds for their dogs. Using a caravan bed for your dog means little to no modification is required and your dog is off the floor.

where should my dog sleep when camping?

3. On an Unused Chair

Allowing your dog to sleep on a chair in your caravan that does not get used or at least not too often is another dog bed idea when camping in a caravan.

We did this for our dog at the time we did a pop top caravan makeover. A single chair that never got used in our caravan was stripped of its chair back and cushion, leaving a wooden platform on which we put Chika’s bed. She sleeps up there each night. It is also her spot to sit if she is in the caravan during the day.

4. On a Caravan Lounge Chair

The other option is to set up your dog to sleep on your caravan lounge each night. It is best to lay down a waterproof layer under your dog’s bed or bedding to protect the lounge cushions.

Dog camping bed ideas

5. On Your Bed with You

If it works for you and there is enough room for you and your dog, your dog can sleep on your bed. Many travellers with dogs do this because it is what they would do if sleeping in a house.

6. Build Your Dog an Under the Bed Crate

I love this creative DIY caravan bed idea suitable for small dogs or cats. Essentially what some handy caravan pet owners do, is convert the under bed storage into a dog crate for their dog with a cage door opening at the end of the bed to allow for light and ventilation. Add a dog bed or bedding and your dog will have a comfortable, cosy space all of their own.

7. In a Dog Crate Outside

If your dog is crate trained and usually sleeps in their crate there is no reason they cannot continue doing so while camping with a few modifications. The risk to your dog sleeping in a crate outside is the cold night temperatures and snakes.

It may be necessary with the dog crate set up outside to add additional bedding for comfort and warmth. Also, use a canvas crate cover on a metal crate or purchase a canvas portable crate for your dog to use while camping.

8. In Their Own Tent

Perhaps your caravan is not big enough to accommodate your dog and as an alternative to sleeping inside your caravan, your dog can have their own tent to sleep in. A two or four person dome tent with a large dog camping bed could be the best option for large dogs when camping.

9. In Your Vehicle

In your vehicle, most conveniently where your dog travels whiles you are driving could also double as their dog camping bed. Before we converted a single chair into a dog camp bed in our caravan for our dog, she slept in our car in the backseat. If we camp without our caravan, it is still where she sleeps.

10. Outside on a Dog Camping Bed

Sometimes, in some places, it is okay for your dog to sleep outside on their dog camp bed. Our dog Chika loves to sleep under our caravan. It is where we let her sleep on warm nights if we are not in an area with wild dogs.

Alternately your dog may prefer it if you set their dog camping bed up under your caravan awning.

Where should my dog sleep when camping in a caravan? Our Chika’s favourite spot to sleep is outside under our caravan in the dirt (even though she has a dog camping bed). Mostly she sleeps inside our caravan, alternating between her bed and the floor. It is often best, when deciding where should my dog sleep when camping in a caravan, to be flexible.


Dog Camping Bed Ideas

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