Our Rig


Our Caravan

In keeping with our budget, and after considerable research we settled on a 1994 Viscount Vogue series pop top caravan. “Josephine” as we’ve named her is 18ft in length and weighs in at 1340 kgs.


She is pretty much standard other than for the addition of a 200watt solar panel which coupled with a 12v battery and 600 watt pure sine wave inverter allows us to run our lights and charge devices. She has also had a second fridge (not yet connected to the gas) which we currently use as a pantry cupboard.

We also replaced the cheap standard foam mattress she came with, with a much better memory foam one. Everything we added such as pots, food storage, linen, books and so on came from what we already owned.

Sine being on the road a friend very kindly upgraded our manual tap for our sink to an electric one. We will be forever grateful! Pumping the tap for water really was the pits.

Josephine Interior 1

Josephine Interior 2


Not forgetting Chika, her space is for chiling and keeping out of the weather is under the caravan. She is very comfortable under Josephine and has adapted from being an indoor dog to an outdoor one very well.


Our Tow Vehicle

Again, in keeping within our budget we settled on a 2002 3.5L V6 Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed. “Walter” as he is named is completely stock standard with no aftermarket modifications at all.


We did provide Walter with a bit of TLC prior to hitting the road, new timing belt, major service, new front brakes and new rear shocks.

In about month three on the road we added a kayak to our set up. She is bright orange (hard to miss), sea worthy and we use her as regularly as we can.


All in all, ours is a modest setup but we are comfortable and happy to call it our “abode on the road” for the foreseeable future.



6 thoughts on “Our Rig

  1. Enjoy your travels….we also travel, but not full time (for health reasons). Travel safely & Merry Christmas to the three of you.


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