18 Best Dog Friendly Snorkelling in WA

Last updated on 29 December, 2022

Are you a keen snorkeller and a dog owner living or travelling in Western Australia? This list of exceptional dog friendly snorkelling in WA is for you!

As a couple that loves to snorkel and travelled Western Australia with our beach loving dog, we were keen to find exceptional beaches dogs are allowed and we could also snorkel. We have not had a chance to snorkel all these awesome spots yet, but we are in WA for a while, so we hope to get our chance.

dog friendly places to snorkel in Western Australia

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18 Exceptional Dog Friendly Snorkelling in WA

Being able to snorkel off beaches your dog is allowed is wonderful. Please do not just leave your dog wandering on the beach unsupervised.

Grab your snorkel gear, your dog and check out as many of these dog friendly places to snorkel as you can!


Bundegi Beach Boat Ramp and Bundegi Reef

Bundegi Beach, 15 kilometres or 10 minutes north of Exmouth, is dog friendly and beautiful, with crystal clear waters. Within the Recreation Zone of Ningaloo Marine Park, Bundegi Reef lies off the shore.

Snorkel here at the boat ramp on a clear day to see a variety of fish and occasionally sharks, being mindful of the boats. The much better snorkelling is on the reef, reached by kayaking to the two moorings and snorkelling from there. See here for more details.

Ningaloo Station

South Lefroy Bay and Hidden Beach

South Lefroy Bay is one of five campgrounds on the Ningaloo Coast and the ultimate for dog friendly snorkelling on Ningaloo Reef. A two kilometre stretch of stunning coral reef and rock shelves that attract sea turtles, sharks and a plethora of fishes, only mere metres off the beach.

Read our post on dog friendly camping and snorkelling at South Lefroy Bay and the nearby Hidden Beach, another brilliant dog friendly snorkelling spot in WA. These are the best alternative to snorkelling at Cape Range National Park for dog owners.

Coral Bay

Purdy Point Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is the dog friendly beach in the postcard township of Coral Bay. The calm turquoise waters are stunning.

Purdy Point and its coral reef are fifty to two hundred metres off the shore (depending on the tide) at Paradise Beach and are the closest snorkelling to the idyllic Bills Bay in Coral Bay. Enter the water at the south end and drift north with the current. There are stingrays to see here in the sandy shallows. The quality of the coral and the amount of fish improves the further you go.

Mini Minimara Five Fingers Reef

The snorkelling on Five Fingers Reef at Mini Minimara is up there with the best snorkelling in Western Australia. The dog friendly beach is gorgeous and the reef is brilliant with lots of turtles, sharks, rays, starfish and fish. Ideally, drift snorkel at high tide south to north, straight off the beach over the beautiful colourful coral.

where dog owners can snorkel in WA

Five Fingers Reef is only five kilometres or fifteen minutes south of Coral Bay. Access is 4WD only along a badly corrugated road and the beach, although if you prefer to walk the beach, it takes about thirty minutes.

Warroora Station

The dog friendly Warroora Station is a snorkelling paradise. The marine life is so diverse and snorkelling the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef is very accessible with the multiple snorkelling spots right off the beach.

Also, humpback whales pass by on the far side of the reef, sometimes seen breaching.

Accessible by 4WD, stay in self contained accommodation at the Warroora Station Homestead or one of the station’s beach campgrounds, some of which also are the locations for snorkelling.

14 Mile Beach (Walbal Wardu)

The sheltered waters at the dog friendly 14 Mile Beach are lovely for snorkelling the reef to see reef sharks, turtles, fish and stunning coral brommies. Enter the water directly from the beach or use a tinnie to get you out further where the snorkelling is better.

Sandy Point

Sandy Point is a pristine secluded beach and bay protected by the reef. Take your dog and snorkel here in shallow turquoise waters or the water is so clear, watch turtles swim by from the shore.

Elle’s Beach

Secluded and pristine natural beauty so incredible that (apparently) Elle Macpherson stayed more than once. True or not, the snorkelling in the rock pools (low tide is best) at the dog friendly Elle’s Beach is remarkable. With aquamarine water, stunning colourful coral and abundant sea life, it is a snorkelling spot not to be missed.

Gnaraloo Station

Gnaraloo Station decided to remain open to allowing dogs on the provision all dogs are on a lead at all times and under the control of their owners. It is worth abiding by these reasonable rules to camp and snorkel Ningaloo Reef at this seaside wonderland. Dolphins, loggerhead turtles, manta rays and whales are regularly seen in these waters.

3 Mile Lagoon

Snorkelling in the stunning lagoon off 3 Mile beach is fantastic. A variety of spectacular corals and fish, along with rays, turtles, and sharks, frequently swim the lagoon, so there is every reason to get the snorkel and flippers on. 

best dog friendly snorkel locations WA

For confident snorkellers, it is possible to get to the reef at the rear of the lagoon by swimming through a hole opposite the boat launch. The lagoon is also a rare site, great for nighttime snorkelling with a good quality waterproof torch. 

Gnaraloo Bay

A gorgeous isolated stretch of beach, the best snorkelling is located 200 metres south down the beach. Drift snorkel over coral gardens and an incredible amount of sea life towards the point. The current is strong, so be back on shore before the point. 

Point Quobba

The Aquarium

The Aquarium, near the really fun Quobba Blowholes (also dog friendly), is a small section of a well protected reef, perfect for first time snorkellers. To snorkel in the tranquil water, it has to be high tide or it is impossible to swim over the coral. The best snorkelling is, looking towards the water, the right hand side end. There, the water is deeper, the corals more spectacular and the fish more abundant.


The Blue Holes

The Blue Holes, a short drive from the centre of Kalbarri, is a unique dog friendly snorkelling spot. At high tide, snorkel the fascinating blue holes, looking out for all kinds of fish, starfish and oysters. At low tide, put the snorkel aside and explore the rock pools. Some of the rocks are sharp, so reef shoes are recommended and keep an eye on where your dog walks.

Jurien Bay

Sandy Cape Recreational Park

Sandy Cape Recreational Park is a dog friendly beachfront campground north of Jurien Bay. The snorkelling is magnificent in the crystal clear waters over brilliantly white sand. The mornings are the best time to snorkel but any time you do, see if you can spot a sea lion. Sea lions are well known for being interactive and playful in Jurien Bay; always remember they are wild animals.


Leighton Mosman Beach

Leighton Beach up to Mosman Beach is a dog off leash exercise area. On a calm day, the bay with tiny waves is terrific for dogs to frolic and humans to snorkel the reef at the Mosman Beach end. Weedy Sea Dragons live in these waters, but the chances of seeing one snorkelling is remote.


Point Peron and Mushroom Rock

Point Peron (Cape Peron) lies within the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and dogs are allowed. Snorkelling at Point Peron is captivating, with underwater limestone caves and overhangs at Mushroom Rock only 50 metres offshore to explore. If that is not enough, a huge range of marine life lives or visits these waters, including dolphins, penguins, sea lions, spider crabs, sea sponges, gummy sharks and so much more.


Muttonbird Beach and Shelter Island

White sand, granite rocks and a channel of crystal clear water between the beach and island are fantastic for snorkelling. Snorkelling around the backside of Shelter Island is possible in calm conditions but is best done with another person and for more experienced swimmers.

Dog Friendly Snorkelling Spots in WA

Muttonbird Beach is a beautiful beach for you and your dog to enjoy only 17 kilometres west of Albany in a secluded place called Little Grove. There is a lot to explore at this beach, so we recommend making a day of it.

Frenchman Bay Beach

Frenchman Bay Beach is super pretty and has a definite wow factor on a calm sunny day with its sparkling white sand and aquamarine water. Right near the brilliant Torndirrup NationĀ­al Park, this is one of southern Western Australia’s best beaches and dogs are allowed.

Snorkel WA

Snorkelling here is just about floating around in the crystal clear waveless waters of the bay and seeing what there is to see. It is a perfect spot for newbies to try snorkelling. Plus, this bay plays host to humpback and southern right whales from June to October.

Dog Friendly Snorkelling Spots in WA Map

We put together a Dog Friendly Snorkelling Spots in WA map. The map is interactive and can be downloaded.

Dog friendly snorkelling spots in WA are all along the Western Australia coast. With beautiful reefs and a plethora of sea life to see, why wouldn’t you snorkel as many as you can?


Dog Friendly Snorkelling Spots in Western Australia

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