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MY RIG Adventures | 40 Travelling Australia Blogs You Need To Follow In 2020

MY RIG Adventures has complied a comprehensive list of Australian Travel Bloggers to follow in 2020 and Our Wayfaring Life were fortunate to be included. Check out all 40 bloggers here.

Latest Blog Posts

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    Copperfield Gorge in the remote town of Einasleigh on the Savannah Gulf in Queensland a chasm curved out by an ancient lava flow is stunning, free and dog friendly.
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    Free camping Townsville is also dog friendly and available at BP, Bluewater Park and Saunders Beach. Find all the information on Townsville camping here.
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    Travel Apps Australia – a list of the must have apps for a caravanners and campers. Apps for trip planning, tracking your travels and apps for a road trip.
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  • Pop Top Caravan Roof Leak Repair
    Caravan roof repairs to our water damaged pop top were done recently. We share how we did a pop top roof repair diy and how much it cost.

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