Lost and Loving It | Meet Australian Bloggers Series

Lost and Loving It recently invited Australian bloggers to share their stories and we were lucky enough to be able to share ours. You can read what we shared here: Our Wayfaring Life.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Caravan Water Needs
    Clean fresh water is an absolute must have. Simply put, clean water is essential, a MUST have. Without over dramatising it, clean fresh water is fundamental to human survival. Usually for most of us in places like Australia, and perhaps outside of times of droughts and water restrictions, many of us give little thought to … Read more
  • Zero Waste Lifestyle System | Valentine’s Day Celebration
    Zero Waste Lifestyle System asked Our Wayfaring Life and other bloggers about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in an eco-friendly way. Travellers, be inspired.
  • Fossicking the Gemfields Qld | Travel Guide
    Want to find your fortune? Try fossicking for sapphires on the Gemfields QLD. Our guide gives you all the information you need.
  • Find Jobs Travelling Australia
    Being able to travel and work around Australia is a fantastic way to see this country. Get tips and ideas here on finding jobs travelling Australia.
  • Sand In My Curls | Working Nomads How Do They Fund Their Lifestyle?
    Ever wondered how we and other nomads fund our travels? Find out how here and you may be surprised to find out how varied the answers are.

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