Goat Island is located between the towns Penguin and Ulverstone on Tasmania’s north coast. Goat Island is part of the heritage listed Three sisters, Goat Island Nature Reserve. Access to the island is by walking out to it at low tide which we did and spent some time exploring the island. Dogs are not allowed so our dog Chika had to sit this one out.

Goat Island Tasmania
Goat Island, Tasmania

We found Goat Island to be a great place to spend a couple of hours. Whether it’s fishing or as we did walking, exploring the island. On the far side of the island we found a great rock pool ideal for a dip. Locals have since informed us the rock pool is known as the “Fish Trap” and is worth throwing a line in.

Rugged Rocks of Goat Island Tasmania
Rugged Rocks of Goat Island Tasmania

Despite the islands ruggedness, with a bit of care and common sense it’s a relatively easy climb to the top of or around the island.

Like so many places along the north coast Goat Island is home to a breeding colony of Fairy (Little) Penguins which is worth keeping in mind as you explore the island. Goat Island easily overlooked but definitely worth checking out if the tide’s right.

Originally written and published: 4 January 2018
Edited and republished: 12 December 2019

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