Goat Island along with the Three Sisters Island or Islands are unpopulated granite islands that make up the Three Sisters, Goat Island Nature Reserve. The reserve is located on Tasmania’s north coast between the towns of Penguin and Ulverstone.

Goat Island is a nature reserve with a colony of Fairy (Little) Penguins and for this reason dogs are not allowed. This is clearly sign posted at the carpark where the walk to the island starts.

Goat Island Tasmania
Goat Island, Tasmania

Goat Island can be reached by walking out to it at low tide. It is very rugged with a lot of loose and slippery rocks so wear enclosed shoes with grip. There were some paths to follow and other times we found ourselves forged our own path scrambling up and over rocks.

The island is a popular fishing spot particularly with locals. On the far side of the island we found a great rock pool overlooking the ocean, ideal for a swim. Locals have since informed us the rock pool is known as the “Fish Trap” and worth throwing a line in.

Rugged Rocks of Goat Island Tasmania
Rugged Rocks of Goat Island Tasmania

Despite the islands ruggedness, with a bit of care and common sense it’s a relatively easy to explore. The island has two peaks, and if your keen and confident we found at least one of the peaks can be climbed to the top.

Walking around the island we saw rock pools, sea birds (no penguins unfortunately) and shrubs. Be careful of the blackberries that have invaded the island.

It was the middle of the day when the tide was low for us to walk out to the Island. We did not see or find where the penguin colony lives on the island. Perhaps this is a good thing as it could mean they are well protected where they are. Australian Fur Seals have also made the Three Sister Island their home.

Overall we very much enjoyed our time. We walked around and swam in the Fish Trap. There were a few others doing the same but not too many.

Goat Island is on Penguin Road between Penguin and Ulverstone. Look out for the signs for Goat Island. It is free to visit.

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4 Responses

    1. It would be very interesting to find out the Aboriginal history and significant of Goat Island. Even just the traditional name would be a start. I found it hard to find any information about the island unfortunately.

      1. What would you like to know? I am not in the tribe that was in the area but I know people who are descended from those who were, and thus may be able to find out some things if they have been past down. Sadly as their are no full blooded Tasmanian aborigines (or half blooded) a lot of local lore has been lost. many know of Truganini, I am (to the best of an ancestorial history study) a direct relative of one of her sisters, who for a time was held as a concubine of a person known only as “Kangaroo Jack”. It is noteworthy given his name a DNA test shows I have East-African Markers.

        I don’t know if you’ve been, or how often, but the Fish trap often traps Skates (they look like sting rays but more closely related to sharks) and my (now) wife and I once chanced upon a mother swimming with a bunch of babies. The only fish I’ve seen their are thse puffer fish with orange markings… I wonder if once their were more ‘edible’ fish that got caught…

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