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Last updated on 8 December, 2022

Copperfield Gorge is the remnants of an ancient lava flow that spewed from a now extinct volcano thousands of years ago. Once a lava tube much like the ones in Undara that still exist to this day, the Copperfield Gorge formed when the ‘roof’ of the tube collapsed creating a deep chasm. Today it is a stunning natural beauty cut out of the ground. View the gorge from its edge and or walk down to its base for a swim. Your dog will love it here too!

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Copperfield Gorge in Einasleigh Qld

Exploring Copperfield Gorge

Right in the centre of Einasleigh, Copperfield Gorge is easily found and has parking suitable for those towing caravans or camper trailers.

To reach the edge of the gorge enter through the gate past the picnic table and through the second gate along the concrete path. At the end of the path it is an easy walk over a rock shelf of basalt. All along its edge you can look down into the gorge.

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Walking to the base of Copperfield Gorge

Look or wander to the right and you will see the waterfall. To get to the bottom of the gorge go left and keep walking until you come to a barbed wire fence. Step over the fallen section barbed wire, walk a little further and then descend down the sandy escarpment to the base of the gorge. From there you can walk back towards the right into the gorge or go left along the sand to further explore the river.

Walking here is fairly easy however we still recommend that you wear enclosed shoes. Also the heat off the basalt rock and sand is intense so wear sunscreen and take plenty of water to drink. Otherwise have fun exploring! 

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The natural beauty of the gorge

Why Visit Copperfield Gorge?

Copperfield Gorge is dog friendly
It is free to visit and a great budget alternative or addition to the Undara Lava Tubes.

It gets hot out here. There are many wonderful waterholes and areas to swim in the gorge and along the river; a welcome relief in the heat. Also the wide sandy bank is great place to relax with trees along the banks offering some shade.

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Basalt Columns

Then there is the opportunity to see the rock formations created by the ancient lava flow. Check out the layers of lava flow, the basalt columns and marvel at how nature with some trees, shrubs and a river can transform it into a place of great natural beauty. 

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On the Savannah Way West of Cairns

Where is the Copperfield Gorge?

Copperfield Gorge in Einasleigh on the Savannah Gulf region in far north Queensland. It is on the traditional lands of the Ewamin people.

In distances Copperfield Gorge is:

  • 360km south-west from Cairns, a 5 hour drive
  • 340km north of Hughenden, 4 hour drive
  • 1645km north of Brisbane, an 18 hours drive

How To Get To Copperfield Gorge

Einasleigh and Copperfield Gorge are south off the Savannah Way (a series of highways and roads that run west from Cairns) and accessible from the Savannah Way towns of Georgetown and Mount Surprise.

Once you are in the region, it is a 77 km journey south-west from Mount Surprise or 115km south-east from Georgetown. The road from Mount Surprise is gravel with some corrugations. The road from Georgetown is a mix of tar, dirt and gravel with the most being tar.

An alternative route from the south is along the Kennedy Development Road / State Route 62 from Hugenden. The 340km journey is on sealed road. 

Einasleigh’s roads in and around town are sealed.

20200918100316 IMG 5480
Einasleigh Hotel “The Pub”

Places to Camp and Stay

Einasleigh Hotel “The Pub”

The Pub built-in 1909 offer camping on a grassy area on their grounds. The owners ask that you go in and speak them with them before setting up. Sites are flat and suitable for most size rigs. There are also toilets and showers that you can use.

Onion is the resident dog and she is more than happy to show you the gorge which is across the road from the hotel.

Unpowered: A meal, a few beers and donation to Royal Flying Doctors. So a spend of about $40-75 for two people. 
Powered: Not available
Other accommodation: Rooms are available

General Information:
🐕 Dogs allowed
⛺ Camping in tents allowed
🚻 Toilets
🚿 Showers
📱 Telstra Reception
🍝 Meals and drink during opening hours

Address: Daintree St, Einasleigh Qld
Phone: 07 4062 5222

Copperfield Lodge Park

Einasleigh’s only caravan park it has all the usual facilities you’d expect and need including the only powered sites in town, laundry and camp kitchen. The owner’s pride themselves on country hospitality and will help you with any enquiries about the gorge, the town or surrounding areas.

Unpowered: $20/night
Powered: $25/night
Other accommodation: Onsite cabins

General Information:
🐕 Dogs allowed
⛺ Camping in tents allowed
🚻 Toilets
🚿 Showers
🚰 Drinking water
⏲️ Camp Kitchen and Barbecues
🧺 Laundry with free use of washing machines
📶 WiFi included with site fees
❎ No mobile reception

Address: Baroota St, Einasleigh Qld
Phone: 07 4062 5102

Silks Rest on Savannah Way

A campground under development it now offers drive through sites with water suitable for all size rigs. The owner Rob is in the process of adding an ablutions block for campers. In the meantime you do need to have your own toilet to stay.

This is where we stayed and it is well worth the $2-5 donation asked for. It is 500m from the gorge.

Unpowered: $5/night donation
Powered: Not available
Other accommodation: Not available

General Information
🐕 Dogs allowed
✅ All rig sizes and types allowed as long as you have a portable toilet
↔️ Drive through sites
🚰 Drinking water
🔥 Campfires allowed
⚡ Generators allowed
📱 Telstra reception is poor
❎ No toilets
❎ No showers
❎ No bins

Address: Fifth St, Einasleigh Qld
Phone: 07 4062 5266

20200917140826 IMG 5462 20200920111259667
Swim and bring your dog

Einasleigh and the Copperfield Gorge were not known to us until just days before we visited. These hidden gems in Savannah Gulf country, a couple of hours detour off the Savannah Way has been highlight for us as we travelled through far north Queensland. The gorge is both beautiful and interesting and the town is quaint and a true example of a remote small community. 


Visit Copperfield Gorge

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  2. Hotel no longer for camping. Silk rest has toilet and showers very peaceful


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