Trying for Hassle Free Hair Care while Caravanning

No doubt hair care is necessary. Doesn’t mean I enjoy it. For all my life I have found hair care to be a tedious chore. Washing, conditioning, waiting for leave in conditioners and oils, blow drying, straightening, curling, dying, styling, cutting, trimming, visiting salons and whatever else we do to our hair, its is all endless and dreary. Then there is the ridiculous prices of … Continue reading Trying for Hassle Free Hair Care while Caravanning

Saving to Caravan Australia

Curiosity about how we fund Our Wayfaring Life is fairly common and something we have been asked about moreso given we are in our early 40s. Our savings is currently our major source of how we are paying for our travels around Australia. Here we share how we saved and provide some real practical tips to get you saving and quicker. Continue reading Saving to Caravan Australia