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So it is that six months living on the road traveling Australia in our caravan has passed. It’s hard to believe. But what a time we have had! See our expenses, how we have been able to maintain our $500 per week budget and what we have learned traveling in our caravan.

Curiosity about how we fund Our Wayfaring Life is fairly common and something we have been asked about moreso given we are in our early 40s. Our savings is currently our major source of how we are paying for our travels around Australia. Here we share how we saved and provide some real practical tips to get you saving and quicker.

Female travellers are too often hesitant and lack the confidence that they can tow a caravan or camper trailer. I was one. This article talks about how I overcame my fear and started towing. The article provides some practical tips for women who are thinking about learning or starting to tow their caravan or camper trailer.