Daryl, Emma and a border collie x named Chika is us, the Wayfarers.

Like so many others we were working full time, exhausted from long hours and long commutes, stressful jobs, all so we could pay bill after bill.  We found we had little time for living our lives and poor Chika was often left at home alone for long days.

Travel and opportunity to see and experience other places in Australia and abroad has always been a priority for us but has been limited by available work leave and finances. Still between us we have been fortunate in the past to have enjoyed time in South East Asia, America, United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, South Pacific and some areas of eastern Australia (and we will blog about some of these experiences in the future).

Often, we spoke of our love of travel and our desire to quit our lives that revolved around work and the need to earn money to pay bills.  One day it dawned on us, with our children now adults, the time was right to turn our dreams into a reality. So, we came up with a plan and set a date.

We quickly settled on travelling around Australia, and later New Zealand. Actually, it was a no-brainer; while our 2-legged children are grown, we still have a 4-legged one and travel overseas with her is (mostly) near nigh impossible.

After much planning, saving and preparing we bought a caravan – called her Josephine. Then a bigger car – he we have christened Walter.  Quit our jobs and are now on the road full time.

To be able afford our wayfaring we have rented out our house and saved a sum of money. We have also set ourselves a budget of $400 per week. Unrealistic for some but well achievable for others including us as we are no strangers to budget travel. We will be sharing how we go on our budget as we explore Australia.

We started Our Wayfaring Life on Monday 27 November 2017 with no end date.