Our Wayfaring Life – AAO Featured Lappers

All Around Australia recently invited us to share our story as part of their Featured Lappers series and we were thrilled to do so. Here it is: Our Wayfaring Life – AAO Featured Lappers. 



Walter and Josephine


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About Our Wayfaring Life

Welcome to Our Wayfaring Life blog. We are Daryl, Emma and Chika living in our caravan traveling Australia. Daryl is a golfer and keen traveller. He has since we moved our life onto the road permanently discovered he has a love of cooking and taken up reading. Emma is the article writer for this blog (most of the time). Emma has a background in child protection work and while she likes to think she was able to create some positive changes for children and their families, she welcomes the chance to leave her career to travel and blog. Chika is a six year old border collie with reactive fear towards other dogs (makes traveling with her just that little bit more interesting) and anxieties associated with some sounds. Regardless life on the road has turned out to be brilliant for Chika and she LOVES it.