Boat Harbour Beach, Tasmania

Boat Harbour Beach, Tasmania
Boat Harbour Beach, Tasmania

Breathtaking is the only way I can describe the seaside hamlet of Boat Harbour Beach in Tasmania. When we first clapped eyes on it from the road that overlooks the escarpment, Daryl and I looked at each other and said “wow”.

Boat Harbour Beach is located on the north coast of Tasmania. It is 2hrs 15 mins drive east from Launceston and 1 hr 10 mins drive east from Devonport. We stayed a week at Boat Harbour Beach spending Christmas Day 2017 there as we couldn’t imagine being in a nicer place.  It was also our base to explore Table Cape and Wynyard.

Boat Harbour Beach is a popular summer coastal location with many holiday rentals in the area and camping. It is also a favourite spot for day trippers and surfers when the conditions are right.

Campsites Boat Harbour Beach  - Areas 1 & 2
Campsites Boat Harbour Beach – Areas 1 & 2

Boat Harbour Beach Free Camp: 

Free camping is available on Boat Harbour Beach. The main area is on Port Rd as the road veers around to the left just before the carpark entrance. There is also a second area further along Port Rd however it does not have the same water views. Both sites are suitable for all size rigs and tents.

This is a very popular location for both locals and travellers especially in January and into February. Camping spots are marked out in order to get as many people in as is comfortably possible.

For those with dogs this site is dog friendly. Dogs are not allowed on Boat Harbour Beach between 10am – 6pm, be aware as there is no sign (there wasn’t when we were there).

Playground Boat Harbour Beach
Playground Boat Harbour Beach

Public Facilities:

Public facilities are located near the camp area and available to campers to use however not exclusively for their use, these are provided to be used by day trippers as well.

The facilities are:

Playground: The play equipment appears to be in good condition and was regularly used during our stay by children.

Tables and BBQ: Next to the playground on the grass area are picnic tables and BBQs for public use.

Basketball Hoop: Situated next to the playground and picnic area is a basketball hoop. It has a tarred area but is not a marked court.

Exercise Equipment: The equipment is located next to the café and along side the beach.

Toilets Boat Harbour Beach
Toilets Boat Harbour Beach

Toilets: Toilets are open approx. sunrise to sunset.

Cold Shower: Cold shower are beachside. There is also a tap however the water is not suitable for drinking.

Telstra Air 30 mins: This is available for those on the Telstra mobile network. We didn’t use it so unable to say how strong or reliable to connection is.

Rubbish Bins: Bins are available and are placed in various locations. Disappointingly there are no recycling bins and when we asked local council workers why not we were informed that it is due to the bins being used incorrectly ie landfill waste was placed in them so council had them removed.

Boat Harbour Beach  Surf Lifesaving Club & Cafe
Boat Harbour Beach Surf Lifesaving Club & Cafe

Boat Harbour Beach Surf Life Club and Café:

The SLSC patrols the beach 12pm – 5pm each day over the summer months.

The café is very popular with full meals and takeaway items. It is open from breakfast to the afternoon. The café sits next to the beach with unobstructed views of the water.

Boat Harbour Beach
Boat Harbour Beach

Things to Do at Boat Harbour Beach:

The Beach: Marvel at its beauty, swim, laze on the sand or walk along the beach.

Water Sports:

Variety of water sports are enjoyed depending on sea conditions and the weather. It is important to be respectful of other users and be aware of children who in calm conditions are likely to be swimming and playing in the shallows.

  • Kayaking: We kayaked on the water at Boat Harbour Beach borrowing another couple’s kayak and it was sensational, so much so we now have our own.
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Surfing when conditions are right
  • Boating
  • Jet skis
  • Fishing
Rock Pools, Boat Harbour Beach
Rock Pools, Boat Harbour Beach

Explore the Rock Pools: Rock pools can be found at the east end of Boat Harbour Beach or at low tide in front of the first campsite area.

Point walk: To the left of the main beach area, behind the toilets is a brief walk out onto the point. The point is also popular with people rock fishing.

Coastal Walk to Sisters Beach: This walk is through Rocky Cape National Park and leads to Sisters Beach. The track is subject to tidal conditions with sections of the walk being impassable during high tide.

Table Cape Lighthouse
Table Cape Lighthouse

Places To See and Things To Do Nearby:

Table Cape: Table Cape is approx. 15 min drive from Boat Harbour Beach. Table Cape is famous for its fields of tulips (not in flower when we were there) and the Table Cape Lighthouse. We did the walk from the Lighthouse to the lookout which took about 40 min return; the cliff views were impressive. There are tours of the Lighthouse available for those that are interested.

Wynyard: Wynyard is approx. 20 min drive from Boat Harbour Beach. It is the major town in the area with shops, service stations, cafes and restaurants as well as beach areas, parks and so forth. It is worth a visit and is the place to stock up on supplies. There is also a veteran car collection and hand sewn quilts on display at The Wonders of Wynyard, Wynyard Information Centre.

Rocky Cape National Park: Rocky Cape National Park is approx. 20 min drive from Boat Harbour Beach and is located on the coast providing some stunning coastal walks and environments to explore.


We highly recommend that you put Boat Harbour Beach high on your itinerary if you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel to Tasmania.

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    1. I will never forget first time we came to the top of the escarpment overlooking Boat Harbour and saw the colours. Just breathtaking. Boat Harbour is becoming increasingly popular and it is imperative that travellers look after it if it is stay open. It was definitely a favourite of ours on a journey around Tasmania.

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