Platypus at Lake Gairdner, Tasmania


Lake Gairdner Campground 1

Lake Gairdner Campground in Moina, Tasmania is a free, dog friendly campground 3 hrs 45 mins from Hobart, 1 hr from Devonport or 1 hr 40 mins from Launceston and it is great base for visiting Cradle Mountain and Mount Roland. Cradle Mountain is approximately 30 mins drive from the campground.

Lake Gairdner Campground is found about 3km down Moina Rd, a gravel road easily accessible to all vehicles. It sits alongside the Iris River and overlooks Lake Gairdner. The campground is quiet, surrounded by farmland, plantation forest and bushland. It also has platypus!

Platypus Lake Gairdner

When approaching the campground there is camping on left hand side before the bridge suitable for smaller rigs and on the right hand side after the bridge is a large grass area suitable for large rigs.

Lake Gairdner Campground Left Hand Side

The campground has no facilities with most people being self contained although some did make like a bear and used the bush areas. If you do this please make sure you go far from any water source and dig a suitable hole as well as pick up any rubbish. Never to ceases to amaze us that some think it is okay to leave toilet paper and baby wipes lying around.

It is necessary to bring your own water for drinking; we used the river water for just about everything except drinking. The local town Moina has no shops for getting supplies like groceries or fuel so best to come with supplies.

We found it very suitable for Chika with its large grass area. She enjoyed running around when there were no other campers and found us watching platypus fascinating.

The water in the river was cold however we witnessed a few people braved it for a swim. It is suitable for children to swim under supervision.

Lake Gairdner Campground Chika

The highlight of this campsite is definitely the platypus that are frequently sighted under the bridge. We saw them two out of the four nights we stayed. It pays to be patient as they like to hide under the rocks that hang over the river. This was where we had our first sighting of platypus in Tasmania and it was brilliant.

Platypus Iris River Lake Gairdner

Also interestingly from the rock wall under which the platypus like to hide, there is water coming out of the rock. It was bizarre and is hard to describe as we have never seen anything like it. The water was literally squirting continuously out of a tiny hole in the rock. Google searches found us nothing so if anyone can shed any light please leave a comment.

Water Spout Video _Moment

We really enjoyed this campground. As noted above, it is a good base for day trips to Cradle Mountain and Mount Roland as well as fishing, swimming (of the brave), relaxing or as Daryl discovered practicing his golf shots when its quiet.



5 thoughts on “Platypus at Lake Gairdner, Tasmania

  1. Your travels are making me want to leave it all behind and start my own adventures and much sooner than later! Great info, great pics & so much better than any tourist blurb. Can’t wait for the next installment, keep enjoying.


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